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The U-Reg platform integrates screening services, ongoing monitoring and liveness authentication from industry leading partners, through a single login.

Ur Screen


Ur Screen Benefits


Reduce Operational Risks
Documents and data are up-to-date. Automation results in less human errors.

Improve User Experience
User friendly and intuitive, updates are simple and quick. Less time spent on repetitive tasks.

Lower Costs
Significant time savings and increased efficiencies translate in lower processing costs.

Case management features. Validation processes and ad-hoc workflows.

Accelerate Time to Market
Reduces time spent and shortens validation or onboarding workflows.

Integration to existing workflows. API connectivity.


How clients use UR-Screen

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Screen and monitor

Search on persons or businesses
Ongoing monitoring
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Onboarding Workflow

Validation and escalation
Sharing screening report
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Improve efficiencies

Automated searches
Straight through process
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Risk assesment

Linked persons or entities
Ability to search on two systems