Workflow automation across industries

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U-Reg’s platform facilitates automation across clients segments. It is designed to be simple and efficient throughout the regulatory life cycle of our clients, for all industries.

Document Passporting

Business Case

Entity needs to collect and share regulatory documents from and with various teams, across offices or across different entities of the same group, with locations in different time zones. Collaboration of documents needs to be done with external business partners too.

Document Collaboration / Passporting

Industries: Banks / Asset Management / Corporates / Trust Services / Multi-location entities

Send request by email
Clients or partners send documents by email
Send a secure upload link from Doc-Vault
Pre-populated list of documents
File saved on shared drive
Various teams required to fill form
File sometimes open, input cannot be saved
No audit trail
Documents uploaded directly in Doc-Vault
Saved directly in clients’ folders
All teams are notified
Documents can be consulted by all
No visibility on who viewed / downloaded
Expiries and renewals managed on Excel
Audit trail of all interactions
Automated expiries management
Proactive management of expiries
Comment on documents
Documents can’t be shared cross group entities
Clients need to re-send documents several times
Automated sharing
Rights given internally and externally as needed

Doc-Vault Workflow Management

Featured functionalities:

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Upload Link
Share Link
Audit Trail
Notifications and comments on file
Document sharing
Expiries Management

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