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U-Reg’s product suite solves problems across clients segments and across case studies. It is designed to be simple, efficient and scalable throughout the regulatory life cycle management, for all industries.


Business Case

Entity Alpha wants to onboard new clients, whether legal entities or individuals. The onboarding team needs to collect the required documents and then screen specific individuals.

Onboarding – Collecting required documents and screening

Industries: All

Send documents request by email
Documents are received by email
Send a secure upload link from Doc-Vault
Pre-populated list of required documents
Documents downloaded manually
Saved manually on shared drive
Sometimes forwarded by email
Documents uploaded directly in Doc-Vault
Saved directly in clients’ folders
All teams are notified
Open passports or ID files to start screening
Manual input of particulars for screening
Manual report of report
Automated. data extraction of particulars
Straight through processing
data entry for screening
Report uploaded automatically in Doc-Vault
Save report manually in shared folder
Report is shared across rights hierarchy
Other teams are notified

Doc-Vault Doc-Gen UR-Screen Workflow Management

Featured functionalities:

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Upload Link
Data Extraction
Document sharing
Business logic 
Straight through automation

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