Workflow automation across industries

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U-Reg’s platform facilitates automation across clients segments. It is designed to be simple and efficient throughout the regulatory life cycle of our clients, for all industries.

ESG Reporting

Business Case

Asset Manager invested in renewable energy and wants to establish the true climate impact of their investments. U-Green provides investors with a transparent and tamper proof reporting tool that allows them to monitor, evaluate and guarantee the ESG impact of their investments.

ESG Reporting – Renewable energy

Industries: Asset Management / Banks / Private Banks / Private Equity / Corporates / Clean Energy Producer

Data saved on Excel or similar
File shared by email
IoT data ingested directed into blockchain
Tamper Proof Data
Data sent by email
3rd party issues ESG rating
Open source formulae
Verifiable calculations
Blackbox calculations
Cases of greenwashing
Data can not always be certified
Carbon credit is not monetized
Information is immutable
Audit trail of changes
Data Integrity allows participation to registries
True value of carbon credits is certified
Document generation is manual
Uploaded manually in system
Reports generated in Doc-Gen
Shared in Doc-Vault

U-Green Doc-Vault Doc-Gen Workflow Management

Featured functionalities:

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Networked integrity
Audit trail
Open source formulae
Document Generation
Document sharing

More examples

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