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Doc-Vault is a secure digital repository facilitating document collaboration. Users share all or part of their regulatory documents with the groups they create, internally or externally.

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Doc Vault Benefits


Reduce Operational Risks
Documents and data are up-to-date. Automation results in less human errors.

Improve User Experience
User friendly and intuitive, updates are simple and quick. Less time spent on repetitive tasks.

Lower Costs
Significant time savings and increased efficiencies translate in lower processing costs.

Case management features. Validation processes and ad-hoc workflows.

Accelerate Time to Market
Reduces time spent and shortens validation or onboarding workflows.

Integration to existing workflows. API connectivity.


How clients use Doc-Vault

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Sharing internally

Across multiple teams or locations
Different access levels
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Document collection

Upload link
Automated filing of documents
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Sharing with business partners

Ongoing basis
One-off projects
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Document collaboration

Comments on document
Validation status