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U-Reg’s product suite solves problems across clients segments. It is designed to be simple, efficient and scalable throughout the regulatory life cycle, for all industries.

Data Entry

Business Case

Entity ABC needs to (i) fill a regulatory form at inception or registration and (ii) update this form, or others, whenever there is any change in circumstances.

Data management & automated data entry

Industries: Asset Management / Life Insurance / Regulated Entities

Data saved on Excel or similar
Manual input, copy paste
Data Extraction to pre-populate data set
File saved on shared drive
Various teams required to fill form
File sometimes open, input cannot be saved
No audit trail
All teams can update data simultaneously
All actions are recorded on an audit trail
No clarity when doc can be generated
Copy-paste or manual input in PDF
Doc Generation is manual
Document is saved manually
Automated data entry
Document generation takes 1 second
Notification to all teams
Upload manually in system
Automated upload
Document shared in Doc-Vault

Doc-Gen Doc-Vault Workflow Management

Featured functionalities:

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Data Extraction
Audit trail on changes in data set
Teams work simultaneously
Automated data entry
Document Generation
Document sharing

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